As the founder of Murphy Designs, Gemma Murphy is committed to making an influential change through design. For Gemma, it is the love of working in a creative field that inspires her artistic abilities.

Gemma Murphy began her journey in the field of design at a young age of 16 when she attended Reigate College of Art and Design. After realizing her passion she went on to specialize in Graphic design and received a BTEC (Business and Technology Education Council) National Diploma. Gemma continued her studies of design along with specializing in integrated advertising at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University. It was here where she grew as a designer with numerous opportunities of hands on experience, creative industry critiques, and evaluations from a world famous Ad Agencies.

After finishing her education Gemma continued her artistic career as an intern at Triangle Advertising where she created various designs for Symantec Internet Security, Cadbury’s Chocolate, and Barclays Bank. In May 2011 she joined Boling Associates where she worked on many exciting campaigns for several years until deciding to become a freelance designer.