As the founder of Murphy Designs, Gemma Murphy realizes that interior design and interior decorating go hand in hand. She states, “One must harness the shell of a building to optimal desirability for its programming to be effective.” Gemma strives for balance between both relationships on every project she is involved in.

As a designer with a creative edge, Gemma has always had an interest in Interior Design. After receiving her Associates of Arts at Fresno City College, she attended Fresno State where she desired to learn more about interior design. It was at this point in her education where her skills became more refined and her style more sophisticated. Gemma had the opportunity to be mentored by Dewy Slater learning first-hand about high-end custom furnishings and fabrics as an intern at Slater Home Furnishings.

Upon completion of graduation with a Bachelor of Arts, Gemma yearned for more. She joined the Interior Intervention Team where she designed for a year before becoming a freelance designer. Since 2013, Gemma has worked independently as a freelance designer as well as, occasionally partnering on projects with fellow designers, and freelancing for Interior Intervention on larger projects. Gemma loves the entire design process from the initial programming to the finished materials and furniture selection. With experience in both commercial and residential interior design, no project is left out. Whether your project is a one-room update or remolding an entire house, no job is too big or too small for Gemma.